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The dentist of horrors was finally arrested!

Two days ago Jacopus van Nierop, the “dentist of horrors”, was finally condemned for his horrific crime. This so-called dentist deliberately hurt and scammed patients trying to collect money from both patients and insurance companies. He actually mutilated his patients, leaving them with no teeth and broken jaws. It’s terrible what’s happened to so many […]

Lack of Ethics in Dentistry

Last night I read an article in Publico about the action taken by the ERC [Entity regulating the Portuguese Media] and the Portuguese Order of Dentistry regarding a company from this sector of the industry that was promoting some questionable advertising via e-mail. To better understand the specifics of what I’m talking about, I advise […]

Give peace a chance!

I remember waking up in the morning, and the only thing that I could do was go outside and see what the weather was like. Nowadays, I wake up,  grab my phone, and within seconds I can not only see what the weather is like, but I can also see what is going on in […]

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