Sunday afternoon at Moda Lisboa

Sunday afternoon at Moda Lisboa

This afternoon, Sasha and I went to Moda Lisboa (Lisbon Fashion Week). We got to see two shows: one for me and one for her. The first show was Nuno Gama’s, a Portuguese iconic designer that has been working in the fashion industry for 20 years. I’m a big fan of his work and I can say that the suites I wore in my lectures around the globe this year were designed by Nuno.

I really liked his new collection! In this fascinating show he gave us a little trip around the world. It was interesting to see how it incorporated features of the different cultures that inspired Nuno: Portugal, Africa, India and, after that, China and the Orient. Everything changed from the models to the clothing and music. I feel I must send a big hug for Nuno, as I know that he planned a much bigger show, but there was a last minute change due to the rain. It really was an incredible show anyway!

The following show was by Filipe Faísca. He only designes clothes for women and this part was, of course, for Sasha. She is always very attentive to detail and the quality of the fabrics. I’m happy to say she was quite positively impressed by the show. Besides, it was great to see my good old friend Sofia Aparício on stage.

I also got to see good friends like Isabelinha Carvalho and Tozé, or the extremelly talented director Ruben Alves. Now that we’re back home, I can only say this was quite a nice afternoon and we’re just getting ready for another busy week!


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