Steps to success, pt. 2: the car as a metaphor

Steps to success, pt. 2: the car as a metaphor

Last week I decided to start a new blog series on how to achieve success in the business of dentistry, and today I want to talk about where you should be putting your money on.

Regarding this, I have the following statement: have your expensive car inside your clinic and not in your garage.

By this, I mean that when you own your own practice, it is very important that you understand that your patients trust you to invest their money wisely. It is completely acceptable that we get paid well for our jobs, but it is not acceptable that we take the bigger portion of our patient’s investments for personal gain.

Technology, material and time. These are the things that make for excellence in our field, and you can’t have them if you don’t invest. As you move up in your career, it is important that you’re always on top of things and be sure to offer the best possible service to your patients.

And the best possible service means that you will have to have the time to properly seem them (no 30 minute consultations here), and the best technology to make sure your diagnostic is accurate and your treatments are effective.

Putting it bluntly: you should invest your patient’s money on your patients.

It is much better to invest in expensive technology than in expensive but otherwise useless luxuries, because at the end of the day one can help you be a better dentist, and the others won’t really bring you professional success. So, it’s a choice.

What is more important to you?


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