Speaking at the Dutch Society of Aesthetic Medicine in December!

Speaking at the Dutch Society of Aesthetic Medicine in December!

Today I have great news! I was invited to speak at the Dutch Society of Aesthetic Medicine Congress (Nederlandse Vereniging Cosmetische Geneeskunde) on the 6th of December.

This is amazing, not only because I will be speaking at an event not directly related to Dentistry but also because I’ll actually be the only dentist speaking.

The fact that the Dutch Society of Aesthetic Medicine invited a dentist to their congress speaks volumes about how, slowly but surely, Dentistry is being recognized for its cosmetic potential.

When I lecture about Life-changing Dentistry, this is what I mean. Dentistry can not only medically treat your mouth, but it can also dramatically change your appearance in ways that will make you feel much better!

I’ll be speaking about the Smile Lift, which is a procedure that can really take a few years off your face. With age, the enamel starts to wear off, shaving millimetres out of the teeth and causing the face to sag. With a smile lift this can be fixed, and subtly but effectively the face rejuvenates.

I can’t wait to go to the Netherlands and speak about what I love most to an audience of like-minded people!


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