Some further notes on ÄŒuvget

Some further notes on ÄŒuvget

Today I’d like to bring you a further insight on this fantastic brand named ÄŒuvget! In addition to what I’ve already written about the environmental responsibility the brand imposes on itself, there’s also a world of innovative anti-aging technology worth unraveling. And, of course, trying on!

Despite the advances both in Science and Technology, not only in scientific knowledge but also in Cosmetic know-how, unfortunately we still haven’t found the true “fountain of youth”. Still, there have been innovative products that lead us in that direction and ÄŒuvget’s products are certainly proof of that! It’s probably the cosmetic brand I most admire and use on a daily basis.

To my knowledge, the serum (ÄŒuvget Collagen Boosting Serum) is a natural product free of ingredients like parabens, perfumes, mineral oils or lanolin. I think there is a general lack of knowledge around the Cosmetics theme, and I was one think we shouldn’t use something without knowing the full list of ingredients. ÄŒuvget’s ingredients have a multitude of benefits and I can assure you the brands statements are true: in only four weeks I have noticed a remarkable change on my skin!

I just hope this brand continues to grow and amaze their loyal users in the future, because ÄŒuvget brings well-being to a whole new level. Those who enjoy these type of cosmetic products will surely know what I’m talking about!


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