Smile Dance – Smiling through life

Smile Dance – Smiling through life

Our smile is one our best ways to communicate with others, I think all orthodontists know this. Today I want to talk to you about Smile Dance, a project that takes this idea one step further and is actually changing kids’ lives for the better.

Cristina Baptista, who is an orthodontist, decided to come up with an idea to help children manage and learn about their emotions, after seeing so many of them wearing empty smiles.

As adults we don’t realize this, but being a kid can often be stressful and very confusing. Kids don’t really know how to manage their emotions and expectations of others and it’s very important to help them with this. A kid that gets in touch with his feelings at an early stage will be a healthy and happy adult!

So, this is what Smile Dance does. Right now Cristina is working with a class of 8 and 9 years olds, helping them get to know themselves and others a little better. The method is actually amazing: they perform a micro-musical, with moves that represent certain emotions or situations. These moves are chosen after they talk about what they feel and share their thoughts.

This is a fantastic project! It’s amazing to see how Orthodontics can actually relate to other fields, like Psychology and Pedagogy, to better people’s lives.

You can read all about the project here.


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