#slowdentistry in a dentistry journal

#slowdentistry in a dentistry journal

The concept of #slowdentistry may be quite a paradox for the time being. To ask our oral health care providers to slow down, when everything around is in a rush is very difficult. Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten the true value of time!

It takes time to do great things. It takes time to work, to reflect on things and to look around us. And you won’t believe the things you will see, once you take your time to observe!

This month I was invited to write the editorial in a Portuguese dentistry journal – O JornalDentistry -, where I write down some thoughts on this new philosophy when applied to dentistry.



My fellow dentists, #slowdentistry it’s about the importance of time to do your job correctly, to take good care of your patients and to be a proper healthcare provider.

I dare you to #saynoto30minutedentistry!



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