A while back I created the Slow Dentistry® concept. I talk about this all over the world in my lectures and it always grabs a lot of attention. You see, I don’t believe that dentists should regulate dentists. It’s very hard to have quality control on treatments and who is to say what treatment options are better than others. Some countries do things differently and as long as the treatment really helps the patient and improves their overall oral health I’m cool with that. However some basic principles must always be met, and no dentist can argue with these.
1: The correct disinfection of the treatment room and Sterilisation of instruments.
2: Allowing time for the Anaesthetic to work, to have a Pain Free treatment.
3: Explaining the risks and rewards of each procedure, to have a real consent from the patient.
4: Using a rubber dam, when indicated, to isolate the tooth being treated for fillings and root canal therapy. This enhances the overall protection of the patient and increases the success and longevity of the procedure.

Not always possible to do all four, but step 1;2 and 3 should always happen.
Slowdentistry® is a registered trademark.


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