Should you be flossing? Yes, you should!

Should you be flossing? Yes, you should!

Recently, an article came up on how flossing isn’t really effective to protect our teeth from bacteria and decay. I think this couldn’t be more wrong!

The article states that there is no scientific evidence that flossing your teeth helps with gum diseases and cavities, but it also acknowledges that the studies in this subject are insufficient to make any kind of statement.

Besides, the article doesn’t mention the cases where people have had dental treatments, so it can be really misleading by just announcing that flossing is useless.

As a doctor with 18 years of experience in the dental field, I have to say I don’t agree with this information! Flossing is very important, specially if you’ve had work done on your mouth.

People with filling and implants should always floss, since it actually helps prolong the longevity of the treatment. Maybe with natural teeth this study might be accurate, but from what I can tell from my experience, flossing is imperative.

So, please, let’s not always believe everything we read! After all, flossing is such an easy task and doing it won’t hurt if you use a good technique, that’s for sure.

If you find the task boring, you can always do it in the shower while you let your conditioner work. Multi-tasking is always good, and in this case it may keep your teeth healthy!


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