“Ronaldo-The Movie” premiere in London. Amazing!

“Ronaldo-The Movie” premiere in London. Amazing!

Sasha and I landed in London yesterday morning and caught the train into town! We didn’t have a lot of time to walk around one of our favourite cities. Nevertheless, we did manage to go into Jermyn Street to buy a shirt for the evening as I had forgotten to pack one!

Jermyn Street is famous for crafting some of the best gentlemen’s shirts and I was really happy to go and pick one up!

Afterwards we had a wonderful Chinese meal and went back to the hotel to rest a little bit before the great night.

Sasha looked absolutely incredible in her gold outfit and boots and really looked the part for the red carpet!

Leicester Square was completely packed with people screaming Ronaldo’s name. And I can say, it was a really proud moment for me to witness my friend’s debut in cinema! There were a lot of famous faces there and we were ushered in and sat down at 7 p.m. to watch the movie.

Of course everybody’s going to be a little bit skeptical about the outcome, but let me tell you something, it was amazing! The movie is a true testament to the strength of Cristiano Ronaldo and there’s so many insights into his human side. Of course, Sasha and I, knowing him quite well as we do, we actually saw this movie in a different light than the general public will see. And I can say that it is a true portrait of a great guy, a good friend, a family man and somebody that, despite being who he is and what he represents for the world, a true leader and also a guy who just wants to live life and have fun without ever forgetting that it takes hard work and perseverance in order to be the best.

He talks a lot about hard work and never giving up and I have so much respect for that! He only wants the best for himself and I feel proud to know that I was somebody that he chose also to be a part of that!


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