Rocking and rolling with my band for a good cause

Rocking and rolling with my band for a good cause

So, if you’ve been paying attention to the blog, a few months ago, I talked about my plans of releasing an album, and that dream has finally come true!

I’ve been singing all my life and now I think the time is right for me to reveal that side of myself, and merge it with my other passions: dentistry and working on making the world a better place.

The next 28th of December I’ll be playing songs from my album, Simplify, at Pestana Cidadela Cascais with my amazing rock band. The proceeds will go to two projects very close to my heart, Humble Smile Foundation and Mundo a Sorrir.

These two projects work on bringing oral care to those who need it, since they fight for the idea that oral care is a basic human right. And it is! For so many of us oral health is a reality taken for granted, but a lot of people all around the world have never even seen a dentist.

That’s what we’re trying to change and it’s a pleasure to do it through my music. This album has been waiting to see the light of day for some time now and I’m really excited about the concert.

You can check the details at my new website, and listen to my music. It’s going to be an amazing night and I hope to see you all there. Come and be part of a bigger game with us!


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