#rethinkingdentistry at Cuxhaven, Germany

#rethinkingdentistry at Cuxhaven, Germany

As I told you on an article published last week, I’m back at Cuxhaven, Germany, to give a motivational lecture to VOCO’s sales force. VOCO is a leading dental brand with presence in over one hundred countries around the world.

Today, my initial target was to speak to its Iberian sales force to give them an introspective analysis of what it is to be a dentist and what they should look for to improve their targets and their goals.

I was then challenged to give the same lecture in English to the international heads of over twenty-seven countries. It is a big challenge for me to lecture not only to dentists, but to the actual sales force of the dental industry.

I learned a lot through this process, which I entitled #rethinkingdentistry. I’m privileged to even be considered a Key Opinion Leader by the head of this company and to see the efforts of my career paid off by the level of respect and appreciation that I’m having! It really makes me feel accomplished and full of positive energies.

It’s a wonderful pleasure to still be able to learn after all this years. The continuous process of education is certainly something we should never forget!


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