Rethinking evolution

Rethinking evolution

Is evolution chaging? The famous sentence “Survival of the fittest” and the theory of evolution that Charles Darwin wrote over a century ago are pretty much standard. We not only believe that but are also its living proof! Us and all the animals and all the species in the world are the result of the passing on of the strongest genes.

The question that I ask – is evolution changing – came up when I was thinking a little bit about our future on this planet. And there is a new element in evolution that is in play, which is Money.

Nowadays we can’t forget that for millions of years what actually happened was that only the strongest survived. It was a matter of genetic and biological chance, that happened naturally. But have you thought that if we couldn’t afford vaccines, medicine, access to education and basic human conditions then maybe we weren’t even here? We wouldn’t be able to pass on our genes to the future generations.

And I was thinking a little bit about how the concept of evolution is changing and nobody seems to be wanting to talk about this. Everyday we hear of animals going extinct around the world and the companies seem more preoccupied in making money than worrying about the future they seem to think they’re walking to.

We’ve known for some years now that plastics are simply destroying our oceans and its amazing fauna. Everyday we see the revolting images of animals who couldn’t escape the pollution circulating on the Internet. And these animals are the result of millions of years of evolution and are actually becomig extinct. And for what, the desire to make even more money?

So, is the new question: Survival of the richest?

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