Rejuvenate with a new smile

Rejuvenate with a new smile

As usual, today I’m bringing you another case of Life-Changing Dentistry.

This patient, as with so many others who come to us, didn’t like her smile. From what she told us, she felt her smile made her look old, due to yellowing and worn out teeth. Additionally, she had a few missing teeth – possibly because of her periodontal disease.

These sort of clinical cases are quite common. I’m not talking about the periodontal disease itself, but the fact that when people come to a certain age they realize that their smile affects negatively the perception of their own age. The truth is, people let themselves go, assuming that these little changes are normal, until they finally realize that their whole smile is affected and that it will now involve more challenging treatments to make it better. At the same time, self-consciousness takes hold of them, increasing the feeling of sadness.

Therefore, and according to our client’s expectations, the solution was to perform a full-mouth treatment. Considering the measurements of her face and, of course, the type of smile she wanted, we designed her new teeth. As it always happens with all our procedures, we made sure that the patient was fully involved in the whole process, always giving us feedback , and receiving our fullest attention.

The results are visible for everyone to see! We did a Smile Lift that allowed this patient to leave the White Clinic® feeling 10 years younger. The confidence in her stride and attitude, and the way she started smiling at the end of her treatment clearly shows that it has made all the difference!


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*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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