Reflexions on the Planet and Humanity

Reflexions on the Planet and Humanity

I watched a stunning video that has been circulating the net recently  about a giant sunfish that showed up off the shore of Portugal. It could be just another video, like any other, which gives us the opportunity to see something amazing that we not so often see just because we don’t take the time to explore our own world, but the truth is that this particular video reminded me of my journey to Portugal.

When we sailed from South Africa to Portugal, I enjoyed every single moment of that journey, from the moment we saw the Azores islands on the horizon to the moment we saw the fishermen whaling, as this practice had not yet been forbidden. The sight of those majestic sea mammals made me reflect on our planet. How can we know so little about our own surroundings?

When part of our planet is at war, or struggling with hunger, without access to the most basic resources for a life lived with quality, and we spend those resources blindly without sparing the Planet, there’s something very wrong about it.

Perhaps we should readjust our priorities and before thinking about travelling beyond the Earth’s frontiers we should first work to forget the physical borders and nations and struggle to recognize we are all just one species, full of abilities allowing us to stop this destruction.

Truth be said that sustainability has failed many times in the past, but today we have the technology and connectivity on our side. We are strategists by nature and I am positive we could find the correct focus to rethink our stance as a species. Don’t you agree?

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