Reflexions at the airport

Reflexions at the airport

I arrived at Lisbon airport at 6:30 a.m. today on my way to London, where I’ll be spending the day on a business trip. The amazing thing I noticed immediately was how so many people were being dropped off at the airport just to travel at such an early time in the morning.

The airport was packed with people from all over the world, travelling to various destinations, either to work or to see their loved ones. It seemed to me that there was a lot of people with light-hand luggage, like myself! I’m actually not carrying a bag today because I’ll be returning this evening.

It seemed to me that lots of foreigners have now chosen Lisbon as their home and just travel back to their work during the week to cities that are probably just two or three hours away. Most of them were from European nationalities: I saw Spanish, Italian, Irish, English and German. It seems that people have finally chosen Portugal as a safe and kind place to live in this crazy world. It is curious to see how this new influx of foreigners will affect our economy. I’m sure it will be quite positive! But, of course, there are other social aspects to take into consideration.

I’m also quite impressed by the constant renovations that the airport has been undergoing. It really is turning into an incredible airport and I’m quite proud of the way that it is turning out! I think the people in charge have understood that more and more people will be flying through Lisbon in the next few years! I’m actually excited to see how everything will turn out to be in the future!


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