Read all about my interview with Máxima magazine!

Read all about my interview with Máxima magazine!

So, a while ago I had a chat with Máxima, a Portuguese magazine, and discussed some topics like the treatments we can do to have that top notch smile or what the state of your mouth can have to do with your levels of stress.

We all know that stress affects our overall health, but people still ignore or diminish the effect it can have on our oral health in particular!

High levels of stress may cause painful mouth ulcers, because our immune system is more fragile. And when stressed people may develop the habit of grinding their teeth, especially during the night. This habit is particularly damaging because it wears away the surface of the teeth and can have serious repercussions through time. Not only can it hurt your teeth, it also puts a lot of tension on the jaw and the neck, ultimately giving you back pain.

Keeping a good oral hygiene is important in every part of our lives. We have to start thinking more about our body as a whole and not as parts that we can substitute and better without thinking of the rest. If even one tiny little part of you is not right, then the rest can’t be also.
You can read the whole interview here.


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