Proud and honoured by these words

Proud and honoured by these words

Last week I shared this amazing video of my interview in Bucharest – check it out. It has a great editing work and it’s pure, simple and reminds me of when I was a student. After that, I had the pleasure of reading of the blog post written by RareÅŸ Cojocaru, the very nice young student who interviewed me on the video.

I can’t underline this often enough: it was wonderful to speak to him and his colleagues, and see how much passion and curiosity they devote to what they’re studying! It’s awesome seeing young people so focused on what they do.

What RareÅŸ wrote left me feeling very proud and very optimistic towards the future. I’m proud of him and of myself.

I’m proud of him because he will be a truly exceptional dentist, I’m sure. In the blog post he talks about how he asks himself some questions over and over again. Questioning how to be successful, how to be good at what you do and how to be a good person is crucial to actually becoming all of those things. These questions are bound to lead him to a great path.

Everybody has doubts and those doubts are healthy. They mean we think about the things we’re about to do, they mean we want to better the field we’re working on.

But I also feel weirdly proud of myself. I had all those doubts as a student and now I can see that my words actually help students all over the world. I have years and years of experience and I’m glad to use that experience to help guide young people.

You can read the blog post in here. I feel truly honoured by RareÅŸ’ words and I know that he’ll get far in life. Hard work and curiosity will lead him there!


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