Preventing Oral Cancer

Preventing Oral Cancer

Many people are not aware but oral cancer is the sixth most common worldwide. It is a very sensitive issue and one that is not widely known by the general population, but fortunately the number of initiatives alerting to these lesser known cases in the world of medicine has been increasing.
In the world we actually live in, our attention focus keeps constantly shifting. When we look around us, we see thousands of causes and initiatives that deserve our attention! So, I believe one of the ways to change the world and shape it into a better place is, undoubtedly, through knowledge-sharing. Culture and education are the pillars to building mankind’s future and that’s why I feel the responsibility to pass on my knowledge as a dentist.

So, what can my colleagues and I do when cases like that show up at our clinics? The truth is that we are in a particularly privileged place to detect oral cancer cases, which often  starts as a simple patch in the mouth or a slight change that the patient did not detect. Besides being an area we cannot see thoroughly, this problem is often symptomless! The more regular the visits to the dentists are, the easier it is to detect the problem, and time surely is the key here! Many cases come to an unfortunate ending just because they were not diagnosed at an early stage.

We should not forget that our health works as a whole. Thus, a simple dental appointment, even just a single check-up, may have a huge impact in somebody’s quality of life, ie, the smile with which they face life!

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