Press: “My favourite spots in Portugal”

Press: “My favourite spots in Portugal”

This week I was featured in an article in the Portuguese press.

As most of my friends and colleagues know, I like to consider myself a citizen of the world. Since I started to give lectures, I’ve had the amazing experience of travelling to many countries. I’ve been in such beautiful places and experienced cultures so different from mine, that I can’t begin to describe the good memories I keep of them.

But the truth is that nothing can describe the warm feeling of flying home! I’m very fond of my country and I’m proud of the things it has come to achieve. We have great places, great products and we for sure know how to welcome tourists like they’re part of our family!

There are so many places here I’d like you to see, my friends and colleagues from all over the world!
In this article I chose to talk about some of my favourite places in Portugal. In my opinion, some of these really can’t be missed if you come and visit Lisbon!

I know it’s kind of funny, but I love our airport. It reminds me of the excitement of going on vacations or going to a place I’ve never been before – the feelings of mystery and adventure –, as well as the feelings of returning home to my loved ones.

In the article I also talk about places like CCB (the Culture Centre of Belém), Museu Berardo (Berardo Museum) and Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (National Museum of Ancient Art), which I frequently visit.

I could talk about Lisbon for hours, and also about other places I love, like our Portuguese beaches and the places where I grew up! It’s a wonderful country to live in, and it is certainly a country that everyone should visit!

You can read what I had to say below.


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