Pregnancy and oral health: what to do

Pregnancy and oral health: what to do

The pregnancy is, of course, a time of wonderful and often mysterious changes in the body of a woman. It’s not only the belly that grows but actually the whole body participates in accommodating the baby. It’s also, so the myth goes, the last few months of sleeping well before the two or three years of getting up at night more than once, but let’s not dwell on that!

So, if you are pregnant, congratulations and read on!

Being pregnant comes with a lot of appointments and people you have to visit on a regular basis. You have to go to the obstetrician, the nutritionist and, of course, the dentist!

Yes, while pregnancy will give you that great glow, it can actually hurt you smile. Because of the hormonal changes you experience during pregnancy, the risk of developing gum problems increases. For example, there is something called Pregnancy Gingivitis, which is a gum inflammation that, if not treated correctly, can lead to more serious gum problems.

While you’re pregnant you’re also more prone to tooth decay, for a number of reasons. Morning sickness, for example, increases the acidity in the mouth, which can wear down on enamel, and the changes in your diet can do this too.

So, as soon as you learn you’re pregnant, you should schedule an appointment to make sure everything is fine with your oral health. Make sure you tell your dentist that you’re expecting and what pills or vitamins you’re already taking.

Most dental treatments can be performed safely during a pregnancy, and nowadays even taking the occasional X-Ray is not as dramatic it was a few years ago. There are ways of protecting the belly and the thyroid during the exam.

Don’t forget your oral health routine during the pregnancy months: it’s really important to keep on brushing and flossing, and, if needed, add a few more steps. Talk about this with your dentist and see what they recommend.

Just making sure everything is fine with your mouth and teeth is already a great way to ensure your baby’s safety and overall health.


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