Precision and Efficiency in Dentistry with Surgical Loupes

Precision and Efficiency in Dentistry with Surgical Loupes

We recently acquired a great new feature at the White Clinic®: surgical loupes with built in microscopic magnifiers. It’s true! We know that most people aren’t aware of its existence but this technology allows us to be even safer in every step of the treatment.

What these loupes do is mainly increase the precision of what we see and do, allowing us to see it step by step in full detail. Not all the specialties need to use this technology at all times, but I must highlight that we profit a lot by using it when it comes to cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

Although microscopic procedures have been around for quite some time at the White Clinic® – using several other technologies – these loupes have allowed us to perfect our technique even further, helping us in attaining what we look for in dentistry: treatments of excellence!

I leave you with the link for the Omnia 3 facebook, where you can see the various models and take a look at all the technology that surrounds us.

The truth is that in each area of specialty, be it in dentistry or any other, there are always specifics and novelties that allow us to progress and get better and better. It’s just a matter of being tuned in and receptive to learn with it!

Personally, all the innovations that are born of the desire to better and change our future fascinate me and I welcome them with open arms, ready to keep on learning.



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