Peace for Paris and the World

Peace for Paris and the World

This weekend my thoughts were with everyone in Paris, for all that has happened last Friday. I have so many friends there and my wife, Sasha, has lived in Paris for 14 years! She cannot even express how sad and angry she is with what happened in one of the most beautiful and magical cities in the world.

This was a terrorist action against civilized living! It’s so sad that this has happened, especially to the people who were just enjoying themselves on a Friday evening!

France is just a great nation, it is the home of democracy and the land of tolerance. So many Muslim people live in France and have done for so many generations peacefully and integrated into society.

I just hope that we can find a logical and reasonable way of stopping this madness. Of course we can all have our opinions on why this happened and what we saw on the media this weekend and what to do about it!

It’s just a very fragile time now for the European Union, and I just hope that with a level head people can react, because we have to react against this, but they can do that in a way that will not create war and even more tension in this beautiful age of golden prosperity that we live in as a civilization.

I don’t think we can complain much about security and tranquility when compared to other places in the world. And it’s precisely that peace we should help spread around the globe.

I just wish we could all have peace!


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