Passing on some gratitude from my Singing for Smiles concert

Passing on some gratitude from my Singing for Smiles concert

It’s been roughly two months since my first concert ever, Singing for Smiles. I am still lost for words to describe what an incredible night we all spent together. I want to thank Ricardo Pereira for being there, he was the best MC I could have hoped for and it’s always great being with him.

The night was a true success, raising almost 5000€ to help two of my favorite charities: The Humble Smile Foundation and Mundo a Sorrir.

I’ve already thanked you all for coming and for helping me to help others. Your presence there two months ago, is making a world of difference right now in the lives of dozens of people.

My good friends Darren Weiss, from The Humble Smile Foundation, and Miguel Pavào, from Mundo a Sorrir, wanted me to pass their gratitude along to you as well. These two guys are true heroes, and they dedicate themselves to practicing dentistry where it didn’t exist before, in less than ideal conditions.

But it’s because of people like them, who create conditions where there were none, that this world moves forward. So, they really wanted to thank you all for your contributions, but I say we should also thank them for going into the field and bettering the world one toothbrush at a time.

They each made a video and wrote letters of thanks and I wanted to share them with you. You can watch both the videos for The Humble Smile Foundation and Mundo a Sorrir below.

Keep on being part of a bigger game!



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