What’s in a smile lift? Today in Metro UK

What’s in a smile lift? Today in Metro UK

I’ve been talking to some international newspapers for some time now, but Metro wasn’t yet part of that list. Fortunately, I got in touch with Emily Shackleton, one of their great professionals.

Metro is probably one of the biggest sources of information in the UK. In case you don’t know, their website reaches the same audience as their newspaper and it attracts an average of 25,391,618 readers every month!

So you may understand the happiness I felt as I received the first Metro article featuring the work I’ve been developing with my team at the White Clinic®. Such great news need to be shared, specially because of my colleagues – they deserve to be recognized after all the great work they have been doing!

This article explains all about the “No Half Smiles” concept and “Smile Lifting”, how the treatment works, how much does it cost, how long will it last and all the other information anyone may like to know. All I say is the truth I know and, at the White Clinic®, we always explain everything: if we want our patients to trust us, we have to explain everything, we have to clarify any blurred feeling or fear they may have!

At last, I’d like to thank Metro for their interest in this subject and I invite you all to read the full article on their website.



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