Opatija’s lecture Aftermath

Opatija’s lecture Aftermath

Last week I gave my lecture “Life Changing Dentistry” in Opatija, Croatia. It was the first time I delivered this lecture, because I had been pretty much evolving the “No Half Smiles” concept for the past few years, which has been the central theme of my lectures. However, as my experience grew and I contacted with specialists from all over the world, I felt a growing need to try something different!

This new lecture is still highly motivational, where I focus on several factors around what it is to be a professional in Dentistry, with all the difficulties that we face and how to overcome them. And as I often underline, my motto is “No obstacles, only objectives”!

I present a lot of clinical cases that my team and I have come across at the White Clinic®, to show doctors that the decisions that we make can affect a person’s life! And that we don’t actually do just Dentistry, more than that we have the capacity to change a person’s life for better when we do things right, or for worse when we do things wrong.

And for me, that decision is incredibly important, and I want to use all my energy and my resources to make sure dentists always make the right decisions for their patients. To make sure that they get nothing but “life-changing dentistry” every time they visit their dentist.

I must underline that this lecture was very well received and the reviews were very positive. To prove it I already got several invitations, including next year to go to South Korea, which I’m incredibly excited about!

Last but not least, I must highlight the wonderful time spent with all the other doctors which has undoubtedly justified my trip and this new experience as a lecturer. You may not believe me, but the truth is that I actually got to go on stage and sing a few songs with the band. It was a lot of fun! Who says dentistry is boring?

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