One more MegaGen symposium in Opatija, Croatia

One more MegaGen symposium in Opatija, Croatia

Last year in November I had the opportunity to visit Opatija, a small turistic city located on the west coast of Croatia. The locals say that on a sunny day you can see Venice from the shore! I’ve never been to Croatia before and despite landing in Zagreb I didn’t have any chance to see that city because I drove straight to Opatija. I was invited by the distributers of MegaGen implants to give a lecture for their Croatian dentists.

I have to say that I was so pleasantly surprised by the beauty and the nature surrounding this idyllic little city by the sea. Everything is quite beautiful, the restaurants, the hotel, the people, everybody was so nice. It was just like a small paradise hidden in a country that so recently emerged from a war.

I feel I have a strong affinity to countries that have come out from a context of political and social unrest. I’m a big fan of Beirut, Luanda and Iran, for example. And of course Croatia, namely the whole Balkan area, which was devastated by the events in the 90s; and even today you can feel this historical landmark in the energy of this people, who despite their background show great strength and resilience. Who want to get this piece of History behind and just get on with life and show the world that life does go on, which for me is something amazing in all human beings.

So this year I’m going back to Opatija for the 2nd MegaGen symposium. I’m looking forward to revisit some places but I also want to find out what people feel about the migrant situation that’s going on.

Additionally, I’m looking forward to meeting all the great speakers at the symposium and also to be lecturing side-by-side with Professor Kwan-Bum Park from South Korea, who is such a genius!


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