On the way to Face2f@ce 2015, in Cannes

On the way to Face2f@ce 2015, in Cannes

I’ve started to organize everything to leave Portugal once again, this time heading towards Cannes, where I will make a presentation at Face2f@ce 2015. This is already the 5th edition of this Congress and I am pleased to be the only dentist to join this panel.

In a city as well-known and as important to the movie world, we will now make history in Health, Wellness and Beauty. Being amongst specialists from all over the world, I couldn’t but feel grateful and extremely enthusiastic!

Dynamic as I am, it’s in these kind of environments, where know-how and the most current procedures are discussed, that I feel at my best. I feel myself gaining extra strength and knowledge for my personal projects as well as for my future projects.

My presentation, on Saturday, will address the importance of a smile as a way to preserve a natural facial expression and it will be titled “The importance of your smile in the XXI century”.

Wish me luck!

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