On my way to Slovakia!

On my way to Slovakia!

Tomorrow I am flying to the city of Bratislava, in Slovakia. I’m quite excited for two main reasons. Firstly, I’ve never been to Slovakia and I’m always excited to travel to new destinations. And secondly, because IADS (International Association of Dental Students) one of my favourite organizations in Dentistry, will have their 2016 biannual meeting.

I am honoured to be one of their guest-speakers and I’ll be delivering my Life-Changing Dentistry lecture focusing on helping these young and aspiring dentists, giving them some resources and some insight into how to be successful. But, most importantly, I think my main message will be how to be a responsible and ethical dentist, and how to have a successful career based on the good things we can do for people.

This is my 18th year in this profession and if you add my two at the University, I’ve been a Dentist for 20 years now. I’ve learnt a lot since then and I’m honoured to be able to share my experience with these incredible students from all over the world.

It’s so much fun and I’m really looking forward to it!

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