“No Half Smiles” at Cannes

“No Half Smiles” at Cannes

It was with great pleasure that I returned to Cannes last Saturday to present my lecture at the F.A.C.E.2f@ce 2015 Congress. For those unaware, this congress is an initiative which brings together experts from all over the world, to lecture on Aesthetics and Welfare, through specialties such as plastic surgery.

I felt really humbled to have been invited to participate in this event, especially being the only lecturer from my medical specialty on the panel. Bearing in mind industries as strong as aesthetics and plastic surgery, I felt that this experience was sort of a certificate of quality and experience to the whole “No Half Smiles” concept, which I have been sharing along.

Many of those who have heard my lectures and with whom I have spoken are not dentists, and yet they fully understood my message. I have even received some invitations to lecture at other countries – from Pakistan to Argentina -, in order to extend my work.

This year has been truly amazing! After the hustle and bustle of this previous weekend, I now find myself in Ibiza, where I will enjoy my well-deserved rest. During this week I will be relaxing with Sasha, between walking tours, the healthy meals she enjoys so much and a bit of meditation to get back to work in full force afterwards!


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