My project with IADS

My project with IADS

My regular participation in congresses and symposia all over the world has been providing me with wonderful experiences, challenging even! It is a privilege to be able to lecture alongside the leading experts in the area, adding to the fact that I have been able to discuss and exchange ideas with professionals with very distinct experiences, contributing to the evolution of my personal lectures.

In 2013, I decided to start a different project with IADS. For those who do not know, IADS stands for International Association of Dental Students, encompassing not only students, but also young dentists. Today, this association promotes excellence in education and science through its project initiatives.

And it is precisely in the project field that I’ve developed my collaboration with IADS! IADS organizes seasonal congresses in this specialty, where young doctors and students have the opportunity to meet senior doctors and learn from their professional experience. I’ve been one of the doctors participating in the IADS Meetings since 2013, and I must say that this is a project that truly strongly motivates. Unfortunately, not all students and young dentists have access to this opportunity, which is really unfortunate.

In my opinion, the educational aspect of dentistry is absolutely crucial! We mustn’t think that education finishes after graduation, because that scenario is definitely not true if we want to be professionals who are aware of the world we’re living in! Additionally, by teaching the younger ones and advising them with our expertise,  inspiring them to be better than we are in the present, we are, in fact, inspiring them to be the real future of dentistry!


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