My new article about the Team of the future

My new article about the Team of the future

I’ve been writing for Gerir & Liderar, a Portuguese online publication on business. This month they published another one of my articles, where I talk about virtual teams, or the teams of the future.

I enjoy writing these pieces! They not only make me feel like I’m being helpful and using my experience to help others, but they’re also a good space to think about my own business and what I can do to make it better.

In this article I talk about how my White Team evolved and became better since we started using all the new technologies and software available to communicate. In the past, having a meeting meant we all had to sit in the same room. Now, we are constantly talking, be it through Skype, WhatsApp or just plain texting.

These new smartphone apps are great! They allow us to create group chats, upload files, and record data. Right now I can put together a team on a chat and we can actually come up with a diagnostic and treatment plan without actually being with each other!

I travel a lot, so this is amazing to me and my team. I really believe that this will be the norm! If not already now, then in the future, for sure.

You can read the full article in here.


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