My interview for The Club is out now

My interview for The Club is out now

Today my interview for “The Club” came out and I wanted to share it with you. The Club is British Airways’ travel magazine and to say that I’m well acquainted with their planes would be an understatement. As you know, I’m a frequent flyer and whenever I have to travel for work I always try to extend my stay a couple of days, so that I can get a taste of the country.

One of the things that I truly believe in is that we can get to know a country by its food. Eating local food with the locals is a great way of getting to know the traditions, moods and history, so I always have a meal at someone’s home and I always try the street food.

This year I’ve already travelled and visited 14 different destinations, and I can’t wait to travel a bit more! There’s nothing better for our soul than to know other places, cultures and creeds.

Travelling doesn’t only makes us more cultured, but it also let us become more tolerant to change and difference, and I think that’s really important!

You can read the interview here and, if you’re coming to Lisbon soon, make sure to take the 28 tram and get a good view of the old town!


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