My first lecture in 2016 was a success!

My first lecture in 2016 was a success!

Yesterday, I gave a big lecture at the 1st African Congress of Implants Dentistry. I was very privileged to be the last speaker of 139 dentists and in preparation for this, I had a really relaxing day around Marrakech.

I have to say that I love this city! It’s very cosmopolitan, there’s a lot of building going on, there’s a lot of restaurants and night clubs, and the smells and the sounds, the lights and the noise, it’s all so different than Europe. It’s so close yet so incredibly far away! It’s almost like time travelling!

I had breakfast in the incredible Palais Monsour, which is actually owned by the king of Morocco himself and is considered one of the most amazing hotels in the world. This is also where we had our SENAME board meeting two nights ago, and where we discussed the projects for Education for 2016.

I was very excited to give my first speech, my first lecture in 2016, and was very curious to see people’s reactions. In fact, my lecture was received with great applause from everybody in the audience. There was people from all over the world present. We had Prof. Park from Korea, we had Achraf Souayah from Tunisia, and people from Turkey, Cameroon, Greece, France, Russia, all over the world!

I was quite excited because I had presented a few new concepts regarding my thoughts on “Fast Dentistry”. The same way you see social media attacking fast food, and the way it is disruptive to people’s health, I also believe that “Fast Dentistry” is something that is quite bad and a lot of people aren’t really focusing on time as a factor of excellence in their dental practices. And this is something that I really wanted to strongly attack throughout the next year and in the book that I’m also writing. The catch phrase was: “Say no to 30 minute Dentistry!”.

Afterwards we all went out for a wonderful dinner and a show. I really wish I could stay a little bit longer in Marrakesh but unfortunately I had to get back to Portugal, so I’m ready start a full day at the White Clinic®.


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