My busy days with Benco in Dallas, Texas

My busy days with Benco in Dallas, Texas

I just spent three very intense days in Dallas, Texas, at the Benco Yearly Congress. It was a good opportunity for me as a dentist to see what’s on the other side of the fence, because this meeting was for sales reps – that means the people that sell products and technology to dentists!

It was incredible to me to see how hard these people work and, at the end of the day we dentists aren’t anything without the people that help us.

I gave a morning lecture to the chairman’s club, which was for those that profit over one million dollars a years for the company – so the best of the best! – and it was quite interesting.

And in the following day I learnt what breakout sessions are, where we had groups of up to sixty, seventy or eighty people. Then, we had to do a forty-minute presentation every hour. We did seven presentations all the same, trying to introduce the concept of implant dentistry to this sales force.

Implant Dentistry is set to grow one billion in the next five to six years, across the USA, and I hope that I can help with that!


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