My article on Linkedin

My article on Linkedin

A few days ago I published a small article on Linkedin, speaking a bit about minimally invasive dentistry. This can be a tense subject, because when talking about it, we have to manage a lot of expectations from different parties.

Lab technicians always feel better when working with more volume, but as a doctor I always, always want to keep as much of the tooth natural structure as possible. It’s better for the patient and, ethically, is what I think should be done.

It’s a complex process, that’s true, but when it can be achieved it generates great results. Ultimately, we have to find a balance between ethics, what can realistically be done and what will be better for the patient.

One thing we Dentists can never forget is that we’re treating people, and our end goal should always be to change their life for the better.

You can read the article here.


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