Modern Dentistry, or Digital Dentistry

Modern Dentistry, or Digital Dentistry

We all know that in the actual world we’re living in, technology moves at a breakneck pace! I have been increasingly noticing that, for many of us, the Smartphone has become an essential tool, not only to improve our day-to-day lives but also our work. And this is just one example amongst thousands and thousands of products that technology has brought us in the past few years. Each professional area has its own particular technological evolutions and Dentistry is no exception! The clinics have increasingly at their disposal several technologies that can influence positively the treatment outcome. And there’s still a lot to be done in this area of “Digital Dentistry”.

Currently, there are tools allowing us to diagnose, plan and execute a clinical case with the help of digital methods, which to us, at White Clinic®, are a guarantee of the work we propose to do! I am extremely proud to be a pioneer of this line of treatment in Portugal and I sincerely hope Dentistry continues to evolve in this direction.

Because I truly believe it is relevant for my patients to be aware of this reality, as well as knowing what the opinion and experience of my fellow Dentists is, I’ll try henceforth to bring into consideration several articles on how some of the technologies my team and I use, and why we use them. It’s extremely important to us that our clients are aware of how safe the treatments are and that they’re conscious of the whole treatment process, so that they can feel comfortable and fully trust our know-how.

The digital is indeed present ever since the first moment, from the time of the first appointment, to the most thorough treatment you can do in each specialty of Dentistry. A relatively simple example I can give you is, for instance, what happens at White Clinic® when we need to perform a root canal on a tooth: many people have done one but few know that the only way to be sure it has been well-made is to use a specific microscope we have at our clinic, which allows us to observe the procedure to the most tiniest detail. And I’ll have much more to tell you on this subject soon, and on the work of Dr. Carlos, the specialist working with me on this area for over ten years, as well as the work of the fabulous professionals I’m proud to have in my team!


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