Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody!

It’s Christmas time soon and I believe this Christmas is going to be very special because the world seems to be living in fear.

With all the confusion that happened in 2016 a little bit all over the world – the political situation in the USA, the refugees in the Middle East, the recent attacks in Turkey, in Egipt, in Berlin, things seem to be getting closer and  closer to home, an the number of people on this beautiful Earth is growing exponentially.

I too have my fears regarding this uncertain future that we hold. However one thing must happen at Christmas time, and that is to stop looking at your own inner personal comfort and see how you can help others improve their life.

Christmas, regardless of what religion or race you belong to, is about sharing and caring and hope.

So my message to you is don’t give up hope, and may your Christmas present be something you cannot wrap in a gift, but something you can wrap in a hug.

Merry Christmas everybody!



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