Meet White Clinic®’s new speech therapist!

Meet White Clinic®’s new speech therapist!

I’m super happy today because we have a new addition to the White Clinic® family. Last friday we hired Dr. Rita Fernandes, a speech therapist.

The reason why we hired her is that we forget many times how important the mouth is for the way that we speak. And when we rebuild a mouth from scratch, which is one of the primary reasons people come to the White Clinic®, the whole way that people speak, the whole muscles around the mouth, the tongue, the cheeks, all these things get affected and it’s very important that people have some help throughout the whole process in order to improve and correct the way the muscles support the new structures.

At the end of the day, I believe we must observe a smile in its full range, from its fisiology and beauty, to the speech structures are used in our expression. I can never say it often enough that here at White Clinic® we aim to give our patients happiness and some quality of life, therefore, we could never act on a single phase of the treatment and overlook the other: thus, we work on a smile from the beginning to the end, according to our No Half Smiles philosophy!

So welcome to the family, Rita, and we look forward to a long and successful career together!


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