Meet the White Team #1

Meet the White Team #1

Starting today, I’ll start introducing you to my team and the various assets we have here at the White Clinic®. It goes without saying that those assets are directly related to the amazing professionals with whom I’m very happy to work with! Throughout my career I’ve come to understand that success doesn’t depend exclusively on inspiration and motivation (though they certainly are extremely important), but also depends on the collective effort and the way people actually gather around something they share and really believe in!

In my team I find a daily source of positive energy, and there are some members who have been working at the White Clinic® for quite some time and almost “belong” there. One of those is Dr. Iara Rodrigues, our Nutritionist and, probably, the most famous Nutritionist in the country.

Why, do you ask, do I talk to you about Nutrition and not about Dentistry in my first post about my team? Well, I have to tell you that it’s all connected! We just fail at looking at the world from a holistic perspective and keep on ignoring the most obvious connections between things.

The same “No Half Smiles” philosophy that we apply in Dentistry can be applied in other contexts, almost like a way of life. What I mean is that if we believe that we have to look at the whole mouth and teeth to rebuild a smile, then it’s simple to understand how Nutrition and oral care go hand in hand in the search for happiness and well being!

Dr. Iara understands this perfectly and that’s why Nutrition at the White Clinic is a fundamental area. When it comes to the promotion of health and well-being, working together allows me to identify areas where Dr. Iara can intervene and vice-versa, in a synergic relation of energies. Beside, the value of a multidisciplinary team is being acknowledged more and more these days.

We want to provide much more that a simple treatment: we know we can change people’s lives and that’s our goal! Just as some people hide their smile because of self-consciousness and sadness, a lot of others hide their sorrow with bad eating habits.

As Dr. Iara quotes, Hipocrates would say: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, which means that what we eat has a lot of influence over our health and well-being.

Dr. Iara also intervenes in areas that are of extreme importance to us dentists: awareness and prevention! It’s very well-known that a good diet with low sugar intake, along with good oral hygiene, are the key to avoiding some dental problems.

As I’ve told you about in a previous article, Dr. Iara has a new book coming. The release will be this Thursday, the 21st of January, at 18h30 at FNAC in Chiado. For those who care about their quality of life or happen to have the nutrition bug, I strongly advise you to come.


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