May we all find peace for our future in this world!

May we all find peace for our future in this world!

I was baptized a catholic and I went to an all boys catholic school, the “Salesianos”, for many years in my formative years. I am, however, not somebody that pushes faith on anybody else and I believe myself to be quite liberal in my world view when it comes to religion. Whatever you want to believe, you should believe in and I think that nobody should suffer or be persecuted for their beliefs.

I think no matter what sexual preference you have, what culture you choose to follow or what religion you choose to believe in, we are all entitled to our opinions and our freedom on this planet.

Today I saw another terror attack on the news. According to BBC, this afternoon there was an attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rovray, where a priest was killed and four other people were taken hostage. You can check the article here.

To see a priest killed in the safety of his home, his workplace, his temple, is something that is quite devastating. I know that this will have serious repercussions globally and I just fear that we might be going back to the times of the Inquisition in the Dark Ages, where religious factions are persecuted here, in the heart of Europe.

I urge for calm and more security for people, so that they can go about their business and daily lives without this madness affecting them.

God bless all families and all religions around the world that live a calm and peaceful life!



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