Maria Noronha Pinheiro captured White Clinic’s soul

Maria Noronha Pinheiro captured White Clinic’s soul

A few months ago we challenged Maria Noronha Pinheiro, one of the most creative people I know, to come and study daily life at the White Clinic®.

I was seeing a lot of clinics post photographs with great editing and production on their websites and I felt that this would never really portray the true feeling behind the passion of my team.

So I asked Maria to come and do us some photojournalism, simply using her iPhone.

She managed to capture behind the scenes at work, showing the passion, the drive, the cleanliness, the technology, the creativity, but most important, the human element behind the entire White Clinic® team.

She truly is a very talented photographer and hopefully one day we will do an exhibition with some of her best photos!


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