Management & Leadership in Dentistry

Management & Leadership in Dentistry

Recently, my opinion article on leadership and management (which you can read here) in Dentistry was published in a publication. I must honestly tell you that is not easy at all to talk about this issues in my professional area, for a various number of reasons! However, as I do love a good challenge, I wouldn’t deny myself the chance to do it.

As the White Clinic®‘s CEO, it’s only natural that these topics deserve my constant attention. In addition to taking care of my team’s management and knowing how to lead it, I also must be conscious of our surroundings, the industry’s movements and also the evolution of dentistry itself! However, if we want to be pioneers and believe we have a contribution towards it, we cannot fall into the mistake of being mere spectators, just playing along with the information provided by what surrounds us, without including ourselves in the game!

I am extremely observant, but do like the action at the same time!! I feel in me a tremendous driving energy and I do hate being idle. I think this precise characteristic of mine is what made my work influence Portuguese dentistry so positively!

Nowadays, things are quite different from when I started my practice. Today there are over 2 million dentists all over the world and those who graduate face a saturated market, with much less perspectives of a future. Nevertheless, if we consider the ratio between the number of dentists and the number of patients it is clear there is still room for all and much work ahead of us!

The key, in my opinion, is to be a pioneer and always think ahead. Work for the kind of dentistry we want for the future and not just with what we know at the present!


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