Mafalda Agante was at the White Clinic

Mafalda Agante was at the White Clinic

For those of you acquainted with Mafalda Agante, you probably know she’s really a sweet tooth and totally in love with all kinds of candy and sweets. By the way, if you are not familiar with her blog “Há Alguém Mais Gulosa do Que Eu?”, I invite you to go and have a look and read some of the articles she has published.

Mafalda is a Dream Maker, which means she is involved in a project where she helps to realize the hopes and dreams of children and youth in need, with chronic and terminal diseases, turning these dreams into smiles. So we both end up working with smiles, though in totally different areas.

So, being a sweet tooth, Mafalda just showed up yesterday for a quick check-up and was quite surprised to find out she had some cavities in her teeth that needed treatment, mainly because she said “she felt no pain”.

In fact, most people think that if there’s no pain than there’s no problem with their oral health. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong!

We did an X-ray of Mafalda’s teeth and so I could show her that even though the cavities weren’t visible on the exterior side of her teeth, they were there nonetheless. And that when pain is present, it normally means we have to devitalize the tooth.

People who love sweets like Mafalda and eat large amounts of sugar and candy, should pay particular attention to their oral health. And even if there’s no pain, they should still make routine visits to their dentists every 6 months for a check-up.

So, we treated Mafalda Agante’s cavities, and she left with a huge smile, doing justice to World Smile Day, which was celebrated yesterday.

White Clinic’s Smile Doctors work every day to make people smile again. And smiling is, of course, at the heart of what we do!

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