Luckily, there’s always Reflexology!

Luckily, there’s always Reflexology!

I don’t know if you ever tried a Reflexology session, but let me just tell you that it’s absolutely amazing, especially if the session is with my reflexologist, Micky! I honestly think this is something I no longer can live without. It really makes the world of difference in the way I rest and manage my energy!

Micky has been following me closely for five years now, and has been a reflexologist for 25. I have learnt a lot from her about this therapy, in which the foot (or hand) is basically like a holistic map of your own body that can be stimulated to work on the body, mind and spiritual energies.

That is to say that this therapy works through the touch healing on a body energy level, working to improve circulation, at the same time removing toxins and blockages, and leaving you completely relaxed and refilled with positive and uplifting energies.

Alas, and according to Micky, this therapy is not widely known nor given due prominence in Portugal. It sounds quite incongruent as Reflexology is, in fact, a very old therapy. As Micky often tells me, “Reflexology is an ancient healing touch therapy”.

One of the many interesting things Micky does is work with pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and even during labour to help their bodies relax, and according to her, results are seen immediately! However, Reflexology may be used by people of all ages, even children. The main goal is to treat the pain and discomfort focus, never forgetting the body as a whole.

In my particular case, for example, working sat down or in surgery creates an extra strain on the area surrounding my shoulders and neck. And I can honestly tell you that by the end of the session my muscles feel lighter, softer and clean!

The sessions are about one hour long and, if you ever thought your aches and strains could never get fixed, believe me when I tell you that with Micky they surely will. Some people even use Reflexology as a preventive medicine method!

Micky has a Facebook page where you can learn more about Reflexology and I strongly recommend you to drop by and try one of her sessions!



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