L’Oréal Luxury visits the White Clinic®

L’Oréal Luxury visits the White Clinic®

Yesterday, I was very privileged to have received at the White Clinic® a group of specialists that work for L’Oréal Luxury Brands. I was invited last week to explain the specifics of my business to these experts who are responsible for the luxury brands in Portugal.

I was really surprised to see that the other players in this amazing day were the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel, David Rosas, Belcanto and then our White Clinic®. I was so wonderfully surprised to be a part of these incredible businesses and companies, as I’m a big fan of the work of Joào Avillez – I think that he is a culinary genius, a great business man and I’m proud of everything he has done, not only as a Portuguese citizen but also as a big food lover! –, David Rosas is one of the most premiere luxury brands in Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon, for jewelry and fine watches, and of course Ritz Four Seasons needs no introduction as one of the premiere luxury hotels with the most amazing service in the country. So, to be put in that group was truly a privilege.

I disclosed some behind the scenes on how we work at the White Clinic® and what choices we make on a daily basis, running the business that makes us one of the most excellent clinics in the country, in our humble opinion. We are very proud for that recognition.

Thank you L’Oréal Luxury!


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