Looking back on my early years

Looking back on my early years

I just found this article that came out in 2002, during my early years in Dentistry, in Revista de Saúde Oral, which is a Portuguese dental magazine.

Wow, I look so young! But it’s so great to know that 14 years ago I was already offering a different style and a different approach to Dentistry.

It’s important that people remember that this was before Facebook, and before any marketing or publicity was done around the universe of Dentistry, so I pride myself in knowing that I was a pioneer back then, when dentist offices smelt like dental products and were not that user-friendly.

I’m very proud that I actually saw an opening in the market for something that was a bit nicer for the patient’s experience! Because excellence is not just about quality, it’s also about the experience.

So, I think it’s really cool that people also understand that most of my path in Dentistry didn’t just happen overnight. I’ve been heavily invested in improving the way people practice Dentistry for a very, very long time.

You can see and read the interview below!


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