Lisbon as I see it: chatting with City Guide Lisbon

Lisbon as I see it: chatting with City Guide Lisbon

I absolutely love Lisbon and I really feel at home here. It’s where I have my family, my friends and my work, and I like everything about it: the busy streets, the people and the mix between the old and the new, the traditional and the hipster vibe.

With this is mind, I spoke with City Guide Lisbon and told them a little bit about the places that are special to me, and shared some secrets, such as where to taste the most amazing ice-cream without having to wait in line.

I love going to Monsanto Park and take my bicycle and my dog with me. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy the warm weather! And I also like to take daytrips to Sintra, for example, and have lunch at Azenhas do Mar, after walking around a bit.

Lisbon has some cool places to eat and have a drink, and the offer is amazing! The terrace at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz is amazing, especially when accompanied by friends. The service is very good and I always feel at home there.

After all this time, I still love this city. I enjoy how big and small it is, at the same time. It’s the place where everybody knows me at my usual hangouts, but where I can also get lost in the streets and find something new in every corner.

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