Life Design at White Clinic®

Life Design at White Clinic®

I’ve always thought I had a highly developed artistic side. Interestingly though, dentistry has given me the possibility to put it into practice in a way that came to me as a surprise. As an artist, taking something that’s out of order and being able to improve is, truly, what I do in my everyday clinical practice. Smile Design.

When I started thinking about the White Clinic®, more than 10 years ago, I realized that a beautiful smile was only the first step for someone to feel good about themselves.

And that was when the idea of opening a wellness clinic emerged, a clinic like no other in the whole wide world, dedicated to find customized solutions both in Health and Aesthetics.

I then decided to take a step forward. At the time, I created a centre where, in the same physical space, we could gather at the same table several health professionals, such as a dentist, a nutritionist or a clinical psychologist, working hand in hand with several other professionals such as personal trainers, makeup artists or image consultants.

Presently, taking the market demands into account, White Clinic® has adapted the created concept and its team to provide a more targeted response to our clients. Today’s formula enhances both our professional’s ideas and talent, in order to achieve much better results and more adapted to the real needs of each person.

Equipped with the most recent state-of-the-art health technologies, White is presently recognized for its role in helping to simplify patients lives, saving their time and achieving their goals.

Smile Design has become even more comprehensive: today, by changing people’s lives and not only their smiles, White makes Life Design. And I couldn’t be prouder to see that what I once dreamt of has indeed became a reality.


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