Life-Changing Dentistry in Marrakesh!

Life-Changing Dentistry in Marrakesh!

This Saturday the 30th January, I will be in Marrakesh to give a lecture on Life-Changing Dentistry. I am very proud to be the only Portuguese dentist among 139 speakers from all over the world.

This is the first African congress on Dental Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry in history so it’s a huge responsibility and something that I am incredibly excited to do.

We are expecting over a 1000 people in the main podium on Saturday afternoon.

Over 4 days, speakers from all over the African continent, from the USA, France, Russia, Middle East, Canada and of course Europe will be present to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with doctors from the African continent.

It is wonderful that this is happening and I am truly proud to be part of this event.

Hopefully, some Portuguese colleagues will be in the crowd to give me some support!


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